El Shotby Maritime

About Us

El Shotby Company was established implement the strategy adopted by the Egyptian government aimed at developing the Egyptian commercial.

El Shotby Maritime Company is considered the largest shipping Egyptian company specialized in shipping dry cargo among the world’s largest ports. It is also responsible of conducting regular liner lines for vessels owned or chartered for shipping general cargo among ports in Northern and Western Europe, the Adriatic, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. This is in addition to passenger transport among ports of Suez ,Hurghada, Safaga, to Jeddah , Yanbu and Dubai.

We are offering high quality agency services for all types of vessels calling all Egyptian ports and Suez canal transit with sufficient experience and professionalism

Who We Are

El Shotby Maritime

El Shotby Maritime Company is one of the regional leading carriers for break bulk cargo, steel, pipe, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, trailers, yachts, boats, automobiles, oil well supplies, cement batch plants.


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El Shotby Maritime

Our Vision

The ability to meet the requirements of the company’s partners and customers with high efficiency and quality according to a fixed and accurate schedule through developing and enhancing the capacity of the company’s fleet in terms of quality and tonnage to cope with the requirements of the Egyptian and international trade.
In addition, the expansion of the company’s current activities and engaging in new ones will offer the company a diversified basket of different activities which will in turn reduce the risk of market fluctuations to achieve an effective participation in the global maritime market and to strengthen the capacity of the Egyptian national fleet in accordance with the international standards of safety and the environment.

El Shotby Maritime

Our Mission

>> Securing the transfer of Egypt’s imports of strategic goods.

>> Contributing in the movement of international trade among global ports.

>> Providing integrated shipping services with high efficiency that to meet the requirements of our customers and partners and achieving sustained growth rates of shareholders, for the sake of secure and efficient operations of the fleet in line with the requirements of safety and the environment.

>> Supporting the maritime transport market with specialized human cadres to achieve the maritime transport system at all levels.