El Shotby Maritime

Contract With Government Ships

Elshotby for Maritime Navigation Company S.A.E, The first Egyptian companies working as a shipping agent for a period of Two and a half years in a row Even Alan phrases and the Egyptian Ministry of Transport (phrases Cairo and Riyadh) belonging to Egypt’s largest state in the Middle East for the operation of commercial ships and passenger ferries (Cairo Company for phrases and maritime transport)
It is one of the companies and the Egyptian Ministry of Transport through which the contract on maritime agencies Maritime port of Hurghada For phrases (Cairo and Riyadh).
And phrases movement Passengers between ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Saudi Arabia ports throughout the year.
The build ferries Cairo and Riyadh in the world’s largest arsenals to build fast ferries in Australia was donated Government Saudi Arabia to Egypt immediately after the construction at the end of 2008
These phrases are Latest And faster Phrases In World Even Alan Working on these lines where speed sailing up to 34 knots About 60 km / h speed ground and cut the distance between the ports of Safaga or Hurghada Egyptian and Saudi port of Duba in about 3 hours from the pier to pier
These phrases of type double hull structure was built of aluminum panels sectors approved by international bodies.
And are paid Gateway Routing and four water jets with a total capacity of 38.600 hp and consume these engines about six tons of diesel fuel per hour.
Ferries equipped with the latest products of factories world of communications equipment and rescue and fire fighting has been providing a lot of safety equipment, rescue and fire fighting words to secure and protect passengers in emergencies and as required by treaties competent international safety of life at sea as well as required by the Egyptian and Saudi laws.
Featuring phrases quiet, while sailing and distinct comfort in their seats, which are designed in ways that a healthy and suitable for all passengers and objects with different degrees of seats (Pullman class – first class – first class – business class).
Be cleaned and disinfected the phrase with the most modern detergents and disinfectants in Europe and upon arrival at each port, to ensure the safety of the health of passengers.
Stowage of goods and vehicles at the best ways stowage by senior officers and sailors assigned to it, to ensure the preservation of the cars and passengers’ luggage to reach her case When shipping to the port of discharge whatever in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
On the instructions Cairo Company for phrases and maritime transport operator for ferries, are overcome any Problems may face outside or inside the passenger port and supervision end Procedure inside passports and lounge area Square car of the masters of car owners, until the rise of all the passengers on board the ferry.
Our operations center in front of the port of Hurghada Maritime directly to follow the movement of phrases
Received inquiries and assist passengers in end Agraethm and do issuing reservations for passengers and cargo on the 24-hour